Michael Edwards' In The Know Local Magazine Cover

Michael Edwards

Chiropractor and Best-Selling Author

Three words you'd use to describe your area:

Lush, rolling and filled with great wine!

What's your favorite local cafe or coffee shop and why?

The Drake for the atmostphere and the impressive espresso machine, it's all the way from Italy!

You've got a dog lover visiting, where do you go?

Head to the lake and enjoy a walk on one of our incredible beaches, or if the weather is right, let Fido jump in!

You need a get-away-from it all escape, where do you go and why?

Brighton is my go-to place when I need to get-away from it all! The downtown is picture perfect so I pull up a chair of my favorite out of the way cafe and watch life go by.

A foodie fanatic is visiting, where do you take them and what will you order?

We'd jump in the car and hit all the really great wineries in the area - paying particular attention to the ones that have innovative tasting menus that compliment their wines.

You're filling a gift bag that showcases 3 - 5 of your favorite local goods, what do you include?

Maple syrup, granite rock, a book by our local authors, a jar of white sand from one of our beaches and of course, I'd give them a map to the area so they can come discover Prince Edward County for themselves!

City explorers unite! Where would you take a visitor if you only had 3 hours to show off your area and why?

#1 Beach. #2 One of our picturesque main streets #3. At least 3 wineries from fancy and fabulous to downhome and organic.

Sporting teams can bring a community together - what teams do you love to cheer for?

We're far from any big university or team but it doesn't stop us from cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs from 300 kms away!

How long have you lived in this incredible place? What brought you here and why you suggest someone else consider moving here?

I came to the County only 3 years agao from Toronto. I came for the slower pace of life and the relaxed way that health care practitioners can structure their lives. I can see 3 patients and then walk home for lunch.

The neighborhood you call home and what you love about it:

Picton is my hometown and where my chiropractic office is located.

All About You

Michael Edwards is a traditional chiropractor who helps people get back to their full lives stronger and healthier than ever. He is a firm believer in a balanced life which is why he "prescribes" daily walks in nature to his adoring clients.

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