Lori Johnson's In The Know Local Magazine Cover

Lori Johnson

Best-Selling Author and Motivational Coach

Three words you'd use to describe your area:

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

What's your favorite local cafe or coffee shop and why?

Starbucks in the Seattle Market - it truly is an incredible place where the whole coffee frenzy started.

You've got a dog lover visiting, where do you go?

Seattle marketplace near the river's edge. There's a great running path so your dog can pick up the pace and you'll fit right in.

You need a get-away-from it all escape, where do you go and why?

Across the international border to Vancouver for a full rest and relax weekend!

A foodie fanatic is visiting, where do you take them and what will you order?

Seattle Swarma. It's not fancy and it's not fashionable but the line up out the front door let's you know...this is the place!

You're filling a gift bag that showcases 3 - 5 of your favorite local goods, what do you include?

Starbucks Original Blend Coffee Beans, a Seattle Seahawks scarf and a miniature fog horn.

City explorers unite! Where would you take a visitor if you only had 3 hours to show off your area and why?

The Seattle marketplace, including the birthplace of Starbucks. The riverside. And if there's time, a quick stop to the top of the mountain to see the whole beautiful city laid out below you.

Sporting teams can bring a community together - what teams do you love to cheer for?

Seattle Seahawks!

How long have you lived in this incredible place? What brought you here and why you suggest someone else consider moving here?

I'm new to Seattle which means I've been here for 10 years - the locals believe you're "new" if you've been here less than 25 years. So I'm green as far as they are concerned. But I feel right at home and my two kids- well they're Seattle natives!

The neighborhood you call home and what you love about it:

Seattle Shores which is a close knit community about 15 minutes by transit to the Market.

All About You

Lori Johnson is a Best-Selling Author and Realtor - she specializes in Seattle commercial real estate and is famous for being able to find first class frontage at the lowest cost per square foot. Her book focuses on the finding the right retail space for the right business and why the adage, "Location, location, location" is so true.

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