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Lambros Bryan Demos

Award-winning real estate broker, animal lover, sports enthusiast, and your Sauga specialist!

Three words you would use to describe Mississauga.




Lambros, you’re an active supporter of everything local. Can you tell us why you’re so passionate about celebrating local businesses?

Local business is the heart and soul of our community. It is what makes us tick. We have been hit hard by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns so I want to do everything I can to help small businesses get through these difficult times.

Mississauga explorers unite! Where would you take a visitor if you only had a day to show off your area and why?

Wow, there are so many amazing places to see in Mississauga. If we only had one day then we could spend the morning checking out the different shops and small town feel of Streetsville, then visit Celebration Square (maybe go for a skate depending on the time of year) and then enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening in Port Credit, walking by the water, and taking in all the amazing sites and local flavours.

How did you discover Mississauga? What brought you here?

I fell in love with Mississauga in the early 90's. I was living in Toronto at the time and used to come here to visit a friend who lived on Elizabeth Street. We would walk down to Lakeshore Blvd, visit the different pubs and just enjoy the vibe.

I also used to come to Mississauga often when I was coaching soccer. We would play against clubs like Dixie, Erin Mills, and North Mississauga, and I loved the parks here and the ambience.

It just felt like the right place to be so I eventually moved here myself and even started coaching with North Mississauga Soccer Club.

A couple has moved to Mississauga and they’re looking for a new coffee shop. Can you make a suggestion for them?

Absolutely! Archtop Café is a must visit, especially if you like music. They have two shops on Lakeshore and one of them allows you to look through vinyl records while you sip your drink. They also have some incredible irresistible desserts like sea salt chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin with coconut, mmm...

You need a get-away-from it all escape, where in Mississauga do you go and why?

I am naturally drawn to the water so a walk by the waterfront trail in Port Credit always helps me clear my mind. If my time is limited then an underrated oasis in the city is Lake Aquitaine Trail in Meadowvale. It is a great spot for some fresh air, picnics, or even a quick workout as they have gym equipment outside along the trail.

A foodie fanatic is visiting and they’re looking for a list of suggestions on where to eat, drink and enjoy. Where do you suggest?

Wow, so many amazing places to eat and drink. What do you feel like? Haha. I love all cuisines but my top two would be Astoria on Dundas for Greek food, and Snug Harbour in Port Credit for seafood. Both offer wonderful ambience, great value, and the quality of the food is top notch!

If you're looking for something quick then I would suggest Burger Bros, on Dundas. They have such an amazing and unique menu for fast food, or Eva's Original on Lakeshore. Their patented Chim-bits ice cream cones are out of this world!

You've got a dog lover visiting, where do you go?

When my baby girl was still here, I used to take her to Totoredaca (or Toto) dog park on Heritage Rd. This place is amazing! It's like visiting an amusement park with your dog. It has three or four sections. One is a wooded area which is great for a nature walk with your best bud. Another is a wide open area so dogs can run and play. Another is a gated area with all kinds of ramps and agility equipment to train your pup, and I believe they also have an enclosed area for small dogs.

You've been asked to fill a gift basket that showcases your favorite local goods, what do you include?

A one stop shop for that would be Zest for Living in Port Credit. A local business with incredible variety and unique gift ideas. Everything from toys to school supplies to home decor, clothes, novelty items, you name it. They also have a great selection of unique greeting cards. I would also include some delicious local craft beer like the Mango Milkshake IPA from Stonehooker Brewery in Lakeview.

Every city has unique neighborhoods, please share a bit about a few Mississauga areas that are special to you.

This is one of the things I love about Mississauga, it is literally a number of towns in one large city, and each part has something distinct. In fact, that's how it started, nine or ten unique villages amalgamated to form Mississauga.

One of them, Streetsville, I already mentioned, has that small town look and feel to it.

Port Credit too, is lovely and vibrant.

One of the underrated sections of Mississauga is Applewood. I absolutely love that area, the bungalows, and the community.

Mineola is just marvellous. The towering mature trees and large lots give it such a distinct and enchanting feel.

I could go on and on, actually, sneak preview - I am in the process of creating a video series on each specific community of Mississauga so look out for that on my social media channels.

All about you

I am a real estate broker but don't consider myself a salesperson. Rather, I see myself as a service provider and an educator, helping home buyers and sellers navigate through the noise and frenzy of this crazy real estate market so they can win every time they buy or sell a home or investment property.

I regularly create relevant content for social media, and host seminars (both in-person and virtual). I am passionate about my community and love giving back. I regularly donate to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation and other charities, and I co-organize an annual charity soccer tournament for ALS Canada.

I also run a community brand on social media called "Meet Me in Mississauga" to spotlight and support local businesses.

Last but not least, I have been invited as a guest speaker on various radio programs and podcasts and also do my own regular live show on social media talking about the market and related topics with varied experts and professionals.

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