Catherine Oaks

Catherine Oaks

Brand Maverick, University Professor, Motivational Speaker

Three words you'd use to describe your area:

Vibrant, Bold, Futuristic

What's your favorite local cafe or coffee shop and why?

Sitting right next to the Truckee river, Hub Coffee Roasters is my favorite coffee place. They have been roasting their own coffee, preparing tiny batches one at a time and the atmosphere is both hip and relaxed . They make me feel at home. I simply love it.

You've got a dog lover visiting, where do you go?

Rancho San Rafael is where I often take my dogs for a stroll. Beautifully landscaped, the park boasts a wide variety of flowers and trees and also has gorgeous ponds and grass areas where I can relax. My dogs love it and so do I.

You need a get-away-from it all escape, where do you go and why?

I love to go to Mid Town, the "in" area of Reno where I can not only grab some amazing food, but also find unique shops or sit at one of the outdoor terraces and soak the sun.

A foodie fanatic is visiting, where do you take them and what will you order?

I'm French right so I have to choose Beaujolais Bistro on Riverside drive, one of my very favorite restaurants in Reno. From Escargots à la Bourguignonne to Duck Confit and Crisp Sweetbreads and my very favorite Seared Foie Gras, Beaujolais Bistro's Chef and owner Bill Gilbert has created a local gem where I often go.

You're filling a gift bag that showcases 3 - 5 of your favorite local goods, what do you include?

Being a health nut, I also look for quality products that are not full of preservatives and harmful chemicals. Great Basin Community Food Co-op has some of my preferred goods, not only because they are unique but also because they are healthy. I love their fresh juices, delicious soups and chocolate delicacies I can't resist.

City explorers unite! Where would you take a visitor if you only had 3 hours to show off your area and why?

I would take them to Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The Lake not only offers majestic sceneries, it also has many options for relaxation and water or land sports that anyone can enjoy.

Sporting teams can bring a community together - what teams do you love to cheer for?

I have lived in Reno 22 years and arrived when there was not much here. The city has now attracted many large corporations like Tesla, Amazon and Google but it's also bringing in a lot of students thanks to UNR as well as Californians who are seeking for a more relaxed way of life.

The neighborhood you call home and what you love about it:

I live in beautiful Somersett located on the NorthWest side of Reno. Somersett is surrounded by hills and trails that allow health nuts like me to hike for miles. It also has a gorgeous club house with pool, tennis courts and golf courses that I regularly enjoy.

All About You

Originally from France, I have traveled the world before I landed in the United States in 1998. In the past 22 years, I have worked for many companies but also built my own business, Sliice Marketing, a "Whole-Brand" social media agency that sits at the heart of modern marketing, brand engagement and online business. We increase companies' marketing effectiveness, optimize ROI and grow engagement and retention through astute methodologies. I am also an artist ( and a musician.

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