Carly DaLuca's In the Know Local Magazine Cover

Carly DaLuca

Realtor and Neighborhood Expert

Three words you'd use to describe your area:

Green, gorgeous and welcoming!

What's your favorite local cafe or coffee shop and why?

The L Spot

You've got a dog lover visiting, where do you go?

Head to the open fields of horse country! Jump in your car and head north - then when you see any of our amazing local parks, grab a leash and enjoy!

You need a get-away-from it all escape, where do you go and why?

Again, head for horse country just outside of the city limits. Sometimes I just take a few left turns and get lost among the wooden fences and beautiful horses. I roll my car window down and breathe.

A foodie fanatic is visiting, where do you take them and what will you order?

Lexington is famous for southern BBQ so the obvious answer is Lex on Fire. Order the full patter and taste your way through some of the best "Q" in the south!

You're filling a gift bag that showcases 3 - 5 of your favorite local goods, what do you include?

Supple leather from one of our horse tack shops, grass seed (they call it Kentucky Blue Grass for a reason!), postcards from any one of our museums or art galleries and of course, I'd include a jar of Lex on Fire sauce.

City explorers unite! Where would you take a visitor if you only had 3 hours to show off your area and why?

This is hard. If they're into sports I'd head straight to U of Kentucky to show them the gym where Coach K reined for so many years. But if they long for countryside, I'd just drive and we'd drool over the incredible horse farms and rolling hills!

Sporting teams can bring a community together - what teams do you love to cheer for?

U of K of course!!

How long have you lived in this incredible place? What brought you here and why you suggest someone else consider moving here?

I'm a born and bred Lexington native. My family goes back 4 generations so you could say that my roots are buried deep!

The neighborhood you call home and what you love about it:

Lexington's downtown core is where I hang my hat. I love being able to walk to all my favorites and still be only 15 minutes from rolling hills and the best views in the state.

All About You

Carly DaLuca is a realtor who specializes in downtown Kentucky residential homes. She has earned a reputation for understanding her clients needs and always finds a way to delight them! In her leisure time you'll find her driving the scenic by-ways of Kentucky, breathing in everything rural Kentucky has to offer!

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